Corporate Ethics Articles with Sound Advice for Executives

There is a changing public culture concerning what business should do in deciding between alternative courses of action. No longer is it considered acceptable for a corporation to be managed according to the personal, private, ethics decisions of the president of the company, with employees keeping quiet, and with governmental and public opinion ignored. Now corporate management must work with a consciousness of the public’s morality. An outside expert can give you insights that your own corporate culture may not provide – or that a corporate officer may hesitate to tell the CEO.

This is a page of short corporate ethics articles (and links to interesting reading materials) for corporate leaders. We want to make it easy for you to read stimulating ethics materials, just as you read your the best journals of your specific business industry.

The Ethics Resource Center (ERC) works to understand the actual way corporate cultures change for the better or worse. Among other things they look at workplace behavior, to identify how employees react when they see others break the rules. In Blowing the Whistle on Workplace Misconduct they summarize several years of research on whistleblowers, their motivations, and their actions. Then then also examine the corporate strategies that promote internal reporting when employees observe wrongdoing. It’s worth a read by every corporate executive. Download the free report at