Additional Management Resources

Law firm retreats add value ($$$) to your time
For those who don’t believe that that adding outside professional help adds value to your planning, here is a group we recommend. For going it alone, planning and executing your own firm retreat the website at LawFirmRetreats is a source of tips you might want to look at.

Actively use good legal forms
Legal forms are for every case you handle! Handling any type of legal matter with efficiency requires using a checklist or form to get started. You avoid mistakes of omission. You save time. You save effort. If you or your legal assistant has done something once and it is likely to have to be done again “this year,” — then make (or buy) a checklist. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Give yourself a gift of time!

Best Short Management Book
Ken Blanchard, PhD, is internationally renowned for his situational leadership model developed with Paul Hersey and his “One Minute Manager” series co-authored with Spencer Johnson. Blanchard teaches at a university, but writes in popular, easy to read and understand style. Blanchard’s “One Minute” series of books are popular because they are they are simple to use and his methods work!

If you are a lawyer, and have time for reading only one short management book, Blanchard’s One Minute Manager is for you. The principals apply to a one-attorney office as well as to an attorney in a hundred-attorney office. It’s only a few dollars, and you owe it to yourself to read the 100 pages of some sound advice on managing people to leverage the time you have.