Attorney Fee Award Disputes

To win attorney fee awards — or successfully defend against them — you, the attorney, need to either (1) have experience in fee award contests or (2) read a short handbook on the law and tactics of attorney fee awards contest.

If you don’t have item # 1, then you need item # 2.

For high-stakes attorney fee awards claims or defenses, you need:

A legal fees consultant, so that your prosecution or defense of an attorney fee award has the best chance of succeeding. An attorney fees consultant should be able to provide you with:

  • Review and analysis of the reasonableness of legal fees involved in the matter.
  • Consultation and training on preparing your attorney fee billings for legal fee awards.
  • Expert reports on the substance and presentation (including cross-examinations of the adverse side’s expert testimonial witness) of legal fees and ethical standards involved in the attorney fee billings.

And the Best Practical Handbook of law and tactics on attorney fee awards.

Attorney Fee Awards: a handbook for attorneys is a concise handbook of law, practical methods, and tactics of attorney fee claims and defenses, (includes forms).

Attorney Fee Awards was written specifically for the practical uses of trial attorneys. Attorney Fee Awards is the quick read of the applicable law and tactics you need to know before you make a claim, or before you defend a fee claim case.

The designed length of 199 pages of this text, with law summaries, proven tactics, and practical forms, is intended to give you a handbook that is readable in a few hours. Forms are a part of this handbook, because forms prevent mistakes and save you time.

We emphasize the words “short handbook.” Thick textbooks have their place, but you won’t read it cover to cover — before you start a case in which an attorney fee award may be involved. And before the case starts is when you need to know what to do, starting on Day 1 of an attorney fee award case. Hence a thick textbook actually won’t help you much in your day to day work on new cases. That’s why you should have in your library a short handbook on attorney fees (with forms). Be alert — and be armed to do what needs to be done.