Litigators’ Booklist

Proven Jury ArgumentsProven Jury Arguments & Evidence
By Dr. Karen Lisko.
Research based recommendations for persuading the jury.

Dr. Lisko’s book is probably the best collection of the themes, analogies, and arguments that juries find persuasive. Presented understandably and directly, so that you can use these themes analogies, and arguments to convince juries in all your cases. These are workhorses and easy to apply, especially in the common types of cases to which Dr. Lisko devotes special attention.

Proven in actual trials.This noted trial consultant has observed hundreds of mock juries and conducted scores of post trial interviews of jurors. She has used the research to devise jury arguments (opening and closing) and to recommend both the form and the timing of the arguments and evidence to support them.

Whether you are representing the plaintiff or the defendant, this jury consultant’s solid research resulting in specific advice allows you to build the evidence presentation that persuades on all levels. Read our full review here

Medical EvidenceQuinn’s Medical Evidence

A good trial attorney and medical doctor teamed together to produce the best one volume reference for trial attorneys, with good pictures for evidence and settlement brochures.

How to Argue and WinHow to Argue & Win Every Time: At Home, At Work, In Court, Everywhere, Everyday

Read the reviews on Amazon to understand that this book is about an “approach” that is emotionally based. Spence is legendary, and his approach is thoughtfully developed. Especially if you work in a western state (the area that Spence spent most of his professional life), read this book.

martin-determining-damagesDetermining economic damages

The “one best” book on proof of economic loss, or testimony examination points, for trial lawyers. Invaluable in any case of permanent bodily injury. By expert Gerald Martin, Ph.D., perhaps the most preeminent forensic economist in the US, who has been consulted on thousands of cases.