Experts’ Booklist

Books on being an expert witness and
Books on being an attorney using an expert witness

If you are an expert witness, there are a number of books and tools that can we recommend, because you need to study to make your expert opinion strong!

Your expert opinion is only as strong as:

  • your expert report,
  • plus your expert witness testimony in court.

If you are a lawyer retaining an expert, you also should understand the above, and educate your expert on what is needed.

how to Excell during DepositionsHow To Excel During Cross-Examination: Techniques For Experts That Work

by Steven Babitsky, and James J. Mangraviti Jr.

Steven Babitsky and James J. Mangraviti, Jr. are the nation’s leading and most prolific authors and trainers on expert witness issues. Simple rules, plus give a handy checklist of things to remember before testifying, and a list of “trick” questions asked by lawyers. The price is a small price to pay for a guidebook which can help keep you out of shark-infested waters.

Writing and Defending your Expert ReportWriting and Defending Your Expert Report

The Basic Text for All Experts. Another of the acclaimed manuals by Babitsk and Mangraviti. Writing and Defending Your Expert Report is the seminal work on how to write and defend your expert report.

Opposing counsel can and will use every tactic, fair and unfair, to turn your own report against you. A well-written report is your first and best line of defense from such attacks. Equally important is your ability to recognize counsel’s tactics and neutralize them.

The Expert DepositionThe Expert Deposition : How to Be an Effective and Ethical Witness — for All Non-Medical Experts

The Expert Deposition clearly and simply explains what to do and what not to do during all phases of the deposition process. Expert Witnesses are 15 to 20 times more likely to be asked to testify at a deposition than at a trial. This video teaches experts the skills needed to be more effective at depositions. This is a DVD to watch to get your training.

The video has 40 examples of question and answer exchanges between lawyers and witnesses. Each example illustrates one or more points made during the tape. These points include how to deal with questions about you, your fees, and opinions; how to ethically answer trick questions; and more.

Expert TestimonyExpert Testimony: A Guide for Expert Witnesses and the Lawyers Who Examine Them

Lawyers Weekly USA said:

“This concise, well-organized book covers witness credibility, preparation, direct and cross-examination, depositions, discovery and ethics. Lubet’s chapters on cross-examination and deposition testimony are especially helpful in preparing an expert to withstand an assault by the other side’s lawyer.”

Testifying in CourtTestifying in Court

Stanley Brodsky’s Testifying in Court deals with mastering the psychological and emotional experience of being in court. It does not deal with rules of evidence or procedure. It is a book to help an expert witness feel comfortable that he/she knows the experience of courtroom testimony.

The Effective Expert WitnessThe Effective Expert Witness

In the courtroom, interaction between adversarial parties can determine the outcome of lawsuits — and impact an organization’s public image and bottom line. The Effective Expert Witness delivers proven tactics that illustrate how to (1) analyze crises and respond appropriately, (2) prepare and eventually present effective responses, and (3) relate to juries and professional interrogators. A key feature of the book is information on the responsibilities of the expert witness in the judicial environment

Expert RulesExpert Rules: 100 (and more) Points You Need to Know About Expert Witnesses

The Federal Lawyer – “This pocket sized guide provides a quick reference to the principles governing the preparation and presentation of expert witnesses.”

James W. McElhaney, Professor of Trial Practice and Advocacy, Case Western Reserve University School of Law – “What a great book on expert witnesses. Just look at this book for two minutes and you’ll buy it.”

Fornesic Services The Comprehensive Forensic Services Manual — The Essential Resources For All Experts

by Steven J. Babitsky, et al

The definitive work on expert witnessing.

The Comprehensive Forensic Services Manual contains over 400 examples with answers to the most vexing problems experts face, including — how to best connect with and persuade a jury, how to market yourself professionally and cost-effectively, premium fee-setting, billing and collection techniques, expert witness risk management, how to handle abuse by attorneys, how to maintain high ethical standards, bullet-proofing your CV and written reports, meeting challenges under Daubert, the limits of discovery and privilege, and more.