Getting the Opinion In: The Daubert-Joiner-Kumho Tests

By Leonard Bucklin

“Here in the most compact form possible, is practical advice on what you and the expert need to know and do:

A good expert witness should be prepared to withstand questioning under either the Frye standards, still used in many states, or those applied under the Daubert / Kumho tests, used in the federal courts and many states. An expert who is knowledgeable about, and comfortable with, the legal aspects of being an expert witness becomes a more effective and therefore more valuable expert. An attorney who does not get his expert’s testimony into evidence is probably going to lose the case!”

You are here because you want practical, but scholarly advice. You want your expert witness’s expert opinion to meet today’s expert witness testimony standards. The author uses the style for which he is known, to give you scholarly advice without scholarly jargon.

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