Publications on Ethics, Litigation, and History

Leonard Bucklin has written a number of legal texts, seminar and journal articles.

Principal Works of Legal Scholarship, L.Bucklin. (Alphabetical listing).

Bucklin, Leonard H., J.D. Attorney Fee Awards: a Handbook for Attorneys, Booklocker, Bangor, ME (2006), 199 pages.

Building Trial Notebooks, James Publishing, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA, (2004) Annual supplements to present year. Over 1000 pages. 3 volumes plus CD.

Change is Always a Shock: Is There Some Other Reason You Resist Controlling Specialization? 50 N.D. L. Rev. 169 (1973).

Civil Rules of North Dakota, Management Services, Inc., Bismarck, ND (1975 and annual supplements through 1992). Over 300 pages.

Forms for Civil Practice, Management Services, Inc., Bismarck, ND (1975 and annual supplements through 1992). Over 250 pages. Continued to present date as revised and republished by Bucklin and Klemin, Civil Practice of North Dakota, 2d ed. (see below).

How to Avoid Bad Faith Claims Against the Insurer, Arising Out of Suits Against the Insured. BTL Seminar Publications, Bismarck, ND (1992).

Lawyer Trial Forms,™ (2000 to present). Over 200 various short articles and forms for the practice and management of litigation.

More Preaching, Fewer Rules: a practical process for the corporate lawyer’s maintenance of corporate ethics. Invited paper for presentation at a symposium on corporate ethics at ONU College of Law, 20 Mar. 2009, subsequently published in 35 ONU L. Rev. 887-958 (Number 3, 2009).

North Dakota Commentary on the Federal Rules of Evidence, 52 N.D. L. Rev. 13 (1975)

North Dakota No Fault: A Guide for Adjusting PIP Claims. BTL Seminar Publications, Bismarck, ND (1991).

Preparing the Damages – Pretrial, Determining and Proving Damages. Bismarck, ND: Nat. Business Institute Seminar Pub., Eau Claire, WI (1992).

Products Liability Law: A Litigator’s Guide, 67 N.D. L. Rev. 1 (1991).

Products Liability. Management Services, Inc., Bismarck, ND (1984). 250 pages, plus annual supplements through 1992.

Stipulated Judgment by the Insured with the Claimant. BTL Seminar Publications, Bismarck, ND (1990).

Woe Unto Those Who Request Consent: Ethical and Legal Considerations in Rejecting a Deceased’s Anatomical Gift Because There is No Consent by the Survivors. 78 N.D. L. Rev. 322 (2002). [Reviewer’s synopsis and entire article available in PDF format at ]

and Lawrence Klemin, J.D., Civil Practice of North Dakota, 2d ed., Lawrence Klemin, J.D., Litigation Services, Inc., Fargo, ND (2002). Over 700 pages. Annual supplements to present year.

Short articles. In addition, over the many years of his career as a lawyer and ethicist, Bucklin has written short articles on legal and ethics subjects which have appeared in various printed or electrically published magazines (e.g., Second Molar Replacements: Taking It to Court. Part 2: The Defense Lawyer’s Viewpoint. 3 Functional Orthodontist 36 (Jan-Feb, 1986); or e.g., The Expert Failed the Daubert Test – The Consequences, Gatekeeper Quarterly, March, 2003; or e.g., Ethics for a True Leader is More than the Office Running Smoothly, available at www.Corporate-Ethics.US. The largest series of such short articles appeared in eDicta, the electronically published eZine of the ABA Trial, Tort, and Insurance Section, for which Bucklin was the contributing ethics section (Neoethics) editor during the five years of the eZine’s existence. Many of these articles by Bucklin were reprinted electronically elsewhere. (E.g., Bucklin’s Neoethics discussion of morality as something more than legal ethics rules was used as a resource by a number of state bar associations as mentoring or discussion material.

He is also the author of sundry electronically published short articles on the history of colonial New England, with particular emphasis on research and analysis of what occurred during the Americans’ 1772 attack on the Royal Navy ship Gaspee (e.g., How Big Were the Longboats That Attacked the Gaspee? The Gaspee Virtual Archives. (March, 2002), viewable at