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Update on In Re Grand Jury: US Supreme Court Dismisses Case Regarding Attorney-Client Privilege in “Dual-Purpose Communications”

The suspense and anticipation were fun while they lasted, but proved quite short-lived for those of us excitedly awaiting the US Supreme Court’s consideration of an interesting question regarding attorney-client privilege. While oral argument was held in the case of In re Grand Jury, the US Supreme Court ultimately dismissed the case. As discussed in […]

New Opinion by Washington Court of Appeals Identifies Limits on When Sanctions for Spoliation May Be Applied Under Washington Case Law

Courts throughout the United States have different perspectives on the actions that constitute spoliation of evidence and the situations in which these actions should be sanctioned. Furthermore, as courts examine and re-examine these concepts over time, their perspectives shift. Therefore, attorneys, e-discovery practitioners, and parties in litigation must keep in mind the distinctions among different […]