Trial Notebook

A Trial Notebook System for Handling Litigation: Discovery, Depositions, and Trial
 A Trial Notebook System for Litigation

This is a litigation notebook system to organize your deposition, discovery and trial materials. If you put the deposition and trial file materials into a notebook, and use our suggested 24 tab dividers, you and your staff will be able to move you more quickly and surely through the entire course of the litigation.

The LitigationReady!™ system starts with a multiple page “Standard Operating Procedure [“Plan”] that forces you to focus on what needs to be done and provides instructions to get it done. It uses the forms, checklists, and instructions we provide, to organize for litigation and drive — with power — to the termination of the case.

Our Vision Statement in designing this system: LitigationReady!™ helps lawyers organize and present case materials in a litigation ready format to prevail in depositions, settlements, and civil trials.

LitigationReady!™ is delivered in e-book format, electronically to you, in the next few minutes. Print on your computer and use with your own notebook binder and dividers — Now!

A TRIAL NOTEBOOK SYSTEM FOR LITIGATION – Organize your case for discovery and depositions, settlement or trial — and Win!

LitigationReady!™ is a plan for using a notebook to keep you ahead of the other side, and having battle-proven tactics in your arsenal.

You can purchase the entire trial notebook system, with instructions and proven tactics for the entire course of litigation, including forms, by immediate download to you as an e-book.