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D.M. v. Wesley Med. Ctr. LLC (D. Kan, 2019)

Key Insight: Privileged docs based on only state law must be produced in a case with both federal and state claims Nature of Case: Medical malpractice Electronic Data Involved: Responsive documents Keywords: Privilege, state law Identified State Rule(s): K.S.A. section 65-4925(a) Identified Federal Rule(s): FRCP 26(b)  

Oppenheimer v. Episcopal Communicators (Western District of North Carolina, 2020)

Key Insight: A non-moving party’s objections to discovery need to be more than boilerplate and must be specific Nature of Case: Copyright infringement (DMCA) Electronic Data Involved: Electronic documents generally Keywords: Copyright, DMCA, photographs, Oppenheimer, View Case Opinion